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Keen To Weave Your Whānau Korowai? 

You may have longed to weave a korowai as a way to connect you and your kids to your tupuna.

Or, you may be hoping to leave a legacy for your mokopuna that they can remember you and their taha Māori by.

You may be thinking that if you don't undertake this journey, no one in your whānau will do . . . that  it's up to you AND

. . . if you don't learn now then your whānau will never have a korowai for tangihanga, graduations, or other important occasions . . .

Kākahu weaver with the Hetet School of Māori Art, Manaia Carswell, weaving her first korowai
(February 2020)

The Weave Korowai Programme

This programme is focused on helping you weave a whānau legacy that includes a hieke, a piupiu, a maro, and a full-sized korowai woven from muka.

With our renowned expertise and reputation for excellence in the practice and teaching of traditional Māori weaving, you can be confident in the outcome, if you follow the programme.

The programme takes most people 3 to 5 years to complete. If you have a full life and you're weaving part-time, this is a realistic and comfortable timeframe.

By the end of the Weave Korowai Programme, you will have at least 4 traditional garments. Although they will be priceless to you and your whānau, these garments will have a combined value of $10,000 - $20,000 (depending on the size and complexity of the garments you weave).

But more importantly, you will have the skill and ability to weave the range of traditional garments including Kahu Huruhuru and Kaitaka.


You work at your own pace and have access to our virtual classroom and online community 24/7 from wherever you are - with internet access from a mobile, laptop, iPad or desktop device.


There are no written assignments but students are required to provide photographic evidence of their completed work. This must be submitted to gain access to the next module of learning.


Student support is available inside the course area with an online question and answer box so you can communicate directly with your teacher.


Online Weaving Community via our private  group where our students post, chat, share their work and organise weaving get-to-togethers. Students have free access to our private online community for the duration of the programme.


"It's knowing that the teaching delivered by Veranoa is intergenerational, developed with her mother and whānau, passed on to us, the lucky student. If you are considering signing up to the lessons, I would say, listen to that voice inside. That seed of interest that just needs knowledge to grow. If you want to learn about Maori weaving, in all its aspects, then look no more. Veranoa and the Hetet School of Māori Art will guide you."

Awhina Tamarapa
Kākahu Student with The Hetet School of Māori Art

The Weave Korowai Programme is for you if:

- you've never woven before, or

- you've woven before but you've agreed with your kaiako that it's ok for you to learn with a new teacher

-  you like the idea of online lessons that fit in with all that you've got going on in your life,

- if you want to learn in a way that is closely aligned with the traditional way of teaching and learning: just you and your teacher, going at your pace

- if you want to learn within a nurturing and supportive community

- if you want to learn following a structured, time-honoured method 

- if you want to learn thoroughly, without missing steps so that you can feel assured and confident about what you're weaving

- if you want to learn with a recognised teacher whose gentle approach will make you feel calm 

- if you want the skills and know-how to be able to weave, NOT JUST KOROWAI, but any type of kākahu you want to


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Pictured: Kākahu from the Hetet Collection in the exhibition LEGACY - The Art of Rangi Hetet and Erenora Puketapu-Hetet (Dowse Art Museum, 2016)


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