Weave Your Whānau Korowai

In the video below, Veranoa Hetet shares candidly the joys and challenges of weaving kākahu and what you need to do to weave korowai


Expert Guidance

Generations of weaving experience and know-how weaving kākahu in the Hetet whānau will give you a clear and certain pathway to success.

Authentic Traditional Kākahu

You'll weave hieke (from cotton) and piupiu, maro and korowai from muka using the traditional techniques of our tipuna: taaniko and whatu

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee if you follow the programme and mentoring Veranoa gives you that you too will weave a korowai for your whānau

"It's knowing that the teaching delivered by Veranoa is intergenerational, developed with her mother and whānau, passed on to us, the lucky student.

If you are considering signing up to the lessons, I would say, listen to that voice inside. That seed of interest that just needs knowledge to grow. If you want to learn about Maori weaving, in all its aspects, then look no more. Veranoa and the Hetet School of Māori Art will guide you."

Awhina Tamarapa
Kākahu Student with the Hetet School of Māori Art

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