One of THE MOST IMPORTANT Weaving Classes We Teach!


"I have dabbled around with weaving for a number of years now and have never felt confident, realising that being left-handed I was constantly trying to ‘translate’ the instructions and floundered along working it out by sight. Oh my poor, tired whenu💚 Until I followed Veranoa on her kono class. Profoundly impactful."
Jan Heath - Aotearoa NZ

Did you know?
You don't need harakeke (NZ flax) to learn how to weave Kono

Pictured: Kono woven from recycled product catalogues by Hetet School student Sharon Pollock Pearce

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What You'll Learn in This Course

#1 How To Gather Harakeke - NZ Flax

Follow Māori customary practices to gather harakeke - NZ Flax in a way that protects and nurtures the plant.

#2 How To Properly Prepare Whenu

Discover what to do with the flax leaves once you've gathered them - including how to make whenu - weaving strips.

#3 How To Haapine Whenu

Master the technique to soften the whenu for raranga - flax weaving - to ensure the strips are easily woven.

#4 How To Weave Kono

The kono lesson is probably the most important lesson of all the classes we teach in Raranga. Weaving kono will help you learn the Raranga technique and you'll be able to weave them for your home and to give to others as gifts.

"Kono was an amazing start to my raranga journey. The first kono I wove took me over an hour (!!) and I thought to myself, this is so hard, how will i ever get better? But I persevered and it became easier and I was able to gift my kono to friends and family and also fill my house with them. I can only imagine what it would’ve been like diving straight into kete... I probably would’ve struggled so much and then not gone back to it because it was so hard. Thanks to The Matrix and the Hetet School of Maori Art, I am now able to look at most woven kete etc and figure out how to weave it. Weaving kono first is a great introduction to raranga! I still love to weave kono today 2 years on in my haerenga 💝"

Manaia Carswell - Masterton, Aoteraoa NZ

Your Teacher

Much-loved teacher of Māori Weaving, Veranoa Hetet hails from a family of renowned Māori weavers. She learned to weave and teach alongside her mother, renowned Māori weaver, the late, Erenora Puketapu-Hetet. Veranoa has been teaching for more than 30 years and has successfully taught thousands of people to become confident weavers and discover the joy of Māori weaving.

"I learnt kete first with another teacher and never understood what I was weaving, those became horror stories for me where I felt inadequate of weaving. It wasnt until I started the course with the Hetet whanau that my understanding and the love for weaving with harakeke really kicked in. Was so happy to have the beginning to understand properly. Kia ora!"
Dale King - Waihi NZ

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