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From harakeke - NZ Flax, paper, plastic, recycled materials, other plant leaves . . . experiment with what you have at home.


Pictured above Kono woven by Soraya McConachy in Aotearoa NZ and Elaine Ogilvie in Scotland using harakeke (NZ Flax) and paper.

With Harakeke or Korari -NZ Flax

Woven with harakeke by Veranoa Hetet

With Paper

Woven by Elaine Ogilvy, Scotland

With Plastic Pack Strap

Woven by Keri Thompson, NZ

With Product Catalogue

Woven by Sharon Pollock, NZ


Have Fun! experimenting with whatever you have at home - firm paper strips, florist ribbon, stiff fabric, plastic baling strips, other plant leaves

Get creative, have a play and see what you can find that works!

What You'll Learn

How To Weave Kono

Follow step-by-step video lessons with Veranoa Hetet who will show you how to weave a  Kono - a four cornered basket

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How To Harvest Flax (if you have it) For Weaving

So you can ensure the plant grows back healthily to gather from again and that you gather the leaves in a way that will give you the best weaving outcome.

NOTE: You don't need Flax. You can use a range of alternative materials to weave your kono

How To Prepare Flax For Weaving

So you know the best and most efficient way to prepare whenu (weaving strips) that are easy to weave with.

How To Further Soften The Leaves

So they're even easier to weave with and ensure you end up with a better finished woven item.

Weaving Toolkit

The basics and the nice-to-haves.


Meet Your Teacher

You'll learn with one of the world's most experienced teachers of Raranga - Māori basketry, Māori weaver and much-loved teacher, Veranoa Hetet.

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Weave Kono
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