1. Can I sign up for two courses at the same time?

Yes, you can sign up for Raranga and Taaniko or Kākahu at the same time and alternate between the techniques. Sometimes it’s good to have another type of weaving on the go.


2. Do I have to submit work for assessment?

No. You should assess your own work against the work you see in the video and in Te Rito. For purposes of evaluating your suitability to 'graduate' from the Hetet School of Māori Art you should keep a photographic record of everything you make which you will submit to us at the completion of all five modules in The Matrix.

3. Do you have payment plans?
There is a weekly subscription plan for The Matrix - all five modules at $19 a week for as long as you wish to access lessons.

Lessons are released according to the following timeframes:

Module 1: Over 8 Weeks
Module 2: Over 14 Weeks
Module 3: Over 18 Weeks
Module 4: Over 12 Weeks
Module 5: Over 88 Weeks

This is aligned to a similar rate that Veranoa would teach you if you were learning with her in her studio. It allows time for you to absorb the lessons and practise in between lessons. You should aim to weave each item at least 3 times and preferably until you no longer need to watch the video lessons to complete it.


4. Can I pay by depositing into your bank account instead of paying by credit card or paypal?

We no longer offer this option because it is too difficult to monitor payments.





Course Enrolment Is Closed For 2018

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