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You Don't Need Harakeke - NZ Flax 

Of course, we'd love you to be able to weave with harakeke but don't fret if you can't find any. You can still learn to weave kono with alternative materials: plastic baling strips, ribbon or firm paper as in the kono you see pictured here. Be inventive - you'll be surprised what you can weave with!

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What You'll Learn in This Course

#1 How To Gather Harakeke - NZ Flax

Follow Māori customary practices to gather harakeke - NZ Flax in a way that protects and nurtures the plant.

#2 How To Properly Prepare Whenu

Discover what to do with the flax leaves once you've gathered them - including how to make whenu - weaving strips.

#3 How To Haapine Whenu

Master the technique to soften the whenu for raranga - flax weaving - to ensure the strips are easily woven.

#4 How To Weave Kono

The kono lesson is probably the most important lesson of all the classes we teach in Raranga. Weaving kono will help you learn the Raranga technique and you'll be able to weave them for your home and to give to others as gifts.

Your Teacher

Much-loved teacher, Veranoa Hetet hails from a family of renowned Māori weavers. She learned to weave and teach alongside her mother, renowned Māori weaver, the late, Erenora Puketapu-Hetet. Veranoa has been teaching for more than 30 years and has successfully taught thousands of people to become confident weavers and discover the joy of weaving.

You'll have 4 Weeks to complete

You can learn to weave a kono in a day!


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