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We're here to share the love of weaving, our knowledge and expertise - distilled over generations of weavers in our whānau - with you.

~ Veranoa Hetet, Kaiako - Weaving Teacher


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The Five Modules of 'The Matrix'

The Puketapu-Hetet Method that we call The Matrix is a proven method developed over decades of teaching hundreds of people to weave successfully. 

Build a Strong Weaving Foundation in Raranga

In Module 1 you will build the skills and techniques of raranga to help develop a strong foundation for future weaving.

You'll start with simple baskets like kono, konae and kono roa.


Progress to Kete 

In Module 2 you learn various kete carrying baskets including kete whiri and kete whiri rua for moenga pepi - baby sleep baskets.

You'll also learn kete timata which will give you the skills to move on to patterned baskets in the next module

Pictured Below: Veranoa's mokopuna Hawaiki Erenora sleeping in the moenga pepi Veranoa wove for her


Extend Your Weaving Skills

In Module 3 you learn the various meanings for the patterns in this series.

Pictured: Kete Whakairo with Waahi Rua pattern woven by student Demelza Craig

Discover the Joy of Taaniko 

In Module 4 you learn Taaniko - the technique that forms the border of kākahu. It is a very portable form of weaving as it requires no loom or special equipment and therefore can be taken anywhere you go - in a car, on a plane, to a game. BEWARE: Taaniko is Totally Addictive!

Pictured: Veranoa weaving Taaniko in the car while she waits for her daughter at school.

Ngā Kākahu 

In Module 5 you will weave a range of garments including hieke, piupiu and maro. The pinnacle in Māori weaving is the completion of a cloak such as a korowai. Finally, with all the skills you have acquired over the course of your journey through The Matrix, you will weave a korowai from muka. 

Pictured: Veranoa weaving a korowai for her mokopuna Hawaiki Erenora.


You will also learn an array of tips and techniques for weaving including how to dye flax, how to whiri and More! You will be able to access the full range of our Student Services to enhance your learning experience while you're with us. When you complete The Matrix, to a level aligned with our values, we will invite you to join us for formal graduation from The Hetet School of Māori Art.

Learn Online When It Suits You

Access Our Expertise and Knowledge from wherever you are in the world via the internet on desktop, laptop or mobile device.


You'll be invited to join Veranoa's virtual classroom - Te Rito Online where you can share your weaving journey with our worldwide community of weavers where you'll be encouraged and find inspiration.

Follow A Proven System 

Developed by Erenora Puketapu-Hetet and her daughter Veranoa, over decades of teaching weaving to students from all backgrounds and abilities.

The Matrix has proven time and again to be the easiest way to learn to weave. The student progresses from kono to kete to kete whakairo and taaniko and onto kākahu with ease. 

Learn All You Need Following The Matrix


"The thing I love the most about the Hetet School of Maori Art, is that by being a student I have access to one of New Zealand’s premier weavers and the techniques that have been handed down to her through the generations of weavers in her family"

Heather Carrigan
Dargaville, Aotearoa NZ

"To learn weaving online is the best way, especially living overseas. Its hard to get anyone to teach you these days and everyone is busy. Even better is you can go at your own pace, especially when you need to find and gather materials."

Marlene West
Gold Coast, Australia

"I love the freedom of being able to learn at my own pace. I don’t have to commit to weekly classes. And I use it as a time for ‘just me’. To meditate and reflect."

Amiria Hunt

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