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What You'll Learn in This Course

#1 Learn The Tikanga of Gathering

Become confident to gather harakeke - NZ flax correctly in a way that protects and nurtures the plant.

#2 Learn How To Properly Prepare

Learn what to do with the flax leaves once you've cut them all - including how to make whenu - weaving strips.

#3 Learn How To Haapine Whenu

Learn how to soften the whenu for raranga - flax weaving - to ensure you the strips are easily woven.

Your Teacher

Much-loved teacher, Veranoa Hetet learned to weave and to teach alongside her mother, renowned Māori weaver, the late, Erenora Puketapu-Hetet. 

Follow 'The Matrix'

Build a strong foundation for Māori weaving, step-by-step, as Veranoa guides you through the first three steps of 'The Matrix' - a specific series of lessons that she and her mother Erenora developed over decades of teaching weaving.


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