Effective until 31 December 2021

What You'll Get

Expert tuition from reputable, highly skilled and experienced Māori teachers.

Step-by-step online video lessons aligned with traditional Māori ways of teaching:
- just you and your teacher
- weaving at your pace
- in your own home
- at a time when you're ready
- no essays, just hands-on
- without the distractions of group-learning
- with the added bonus of rewinding your teacher - until you 'get it'.

Those who learn with us online become more confident and capable weavers than those learning with us in-person.
(Based on our experience of teaching in-person for decades and online for the past 6 years)

Online Course

Weave a Kono
Try this simple 4 corner basket with step-by-step lessons from expert Māori weaver and renowned teacher, Veranoa Hetet.

One of the most important classes we teach.

No prior learning required

12 months access

$49 NZD



Subscription Membership

Have fun! and Master the Art of Raranga. Members receive an exciting new weaving project each month PLUS continuous access to completed lessons from Module 1, 2 & 3 of
The Matrix™ and beyond.

For Beginners Up 
Including those who may have completed Modules 1, 2 or 3 of The Matrix™

$49 NZD a Month
or $15 a week

(Cancel Anytime)


Online Course

Weave beautiful Kete and Kete Whakairo following our renowned lessons in The Matrix™ with Veranoa Hetet.
Receive immediate access to all lessons in Modules 1, 2 and 3 with Veranoa.

Suitable for Absolute Beginners

Average time to complete: 9-12 months 

24 months Access

$1500 NZD


Online Course

Find calm and discover the joy of Taaniko. All you need to know for this traditional twining technique. Includes how to design patterns and understand their meaning plus three sample patterns.

Suitable for Absolute Beginners

Average time to complete: 2-4 weeks
12 months Access

$350 NZD


Online Programme

Weave a korowai for your whānau from muka, following our comprehensive step-by-step programme of learning with Māori weaver & renowned teacher, Veranoa Hetet. 
All you need to know to weave a range of traditional kākahu, including korowai.

Average time to complete: 3-5 years
5 Years Access

By Application 


Frequently Asked Questions

You can continue your journey in Raranga following The Matrix™ by becoming a member of The Kete Club

It will cost you less overall and you get continuous access to your lessons for as long as you are a member.

However, if you still want to purchase individual modules then email us at [email protected] 
and request a link to join the next module.


If you or your organisation is wanting to pay by direct credit into our bank account, please email us at [email protected] so we can send you an invoice.

We no longer offer in-person classes.

However, we do have in-person weaving retreats as an optional extra for those learning with us on paid courses, programmes or memberships.

The Kete Club starts with weaving a range of simple baskets (from Module 1 of The Matrix) and moves through our 'Bundle of Fun!' lessons then on to Kete and Kete Whakairo and beyond including many different patterns and types of kete techniques.


If you have already completed some or all of the first 3 Modules in The Matrix™ don't worry - we'll join you up into The Kete Club at the next lesson (after the last one you completed in the last module you were signed up to).

You'll also get access to all the lessons you previously paid for in Modules 1, 2 and 3

Need Help?

Email us at [email protected] 


Phone 03 423 3842
Mobile 021 0876 0698 

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm
We are closed Weekends and Public Holidays

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