Build your Raranga weaving skills with 
Module One of The Matrix™


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Here at the Hetet School of Maori Art we're renowned for our expertise in helping weavers (from beginners to advanced) become capable and confident in Raranga, Taaniko and Whatu Kakahu.

We do this by sharing our expertise, knowledge and experience passed down through generations of weavers in our whanau via our online courses.

In Module One of The Matrix for Raranga, we help you master the Basics that every Beginner Weaver should know before you attempt kete

Weaving Corners

You'll avoid the frustration trying to work out how & where to corner

Finding Your Ara

You'll never be confused again trying to find your weaving pathway

Achieving A Good Finish

You'll learn proper preparation and Veranoa's 'Up and Over' Mantra

By the end of this course you'll have all the know-how and confidence to move on to kete with ease

Essential Raranga Skills

All the Raranga skills needed to so you can move on to learning Kete



Knowledge of Tikanga

Relax as you weave when you understand traditional practises



Right Mindset

Know how to set yourself and your environment up to enjoy weaving

And when you feel unsure about your weaving . . . which every beginner does at some point . . . you'll have the support and encouragement of our amazing online community of weavers to inspire you!

What You'll Weave In This Course

Weave Kono

Four cornered basket

Weave Konae

Two Cornered Basket


Weave Kono Roa

Oblong Basket


Weave Tapiki

Different finishes


"Excellent video tutorials that suit my lack of time and lack of patience. I would highly recommend the whole course content to anyone. Great value for what you get to learn and who you get to learn from. I would pay for it all over again if I needed to. Well worth it."

Ripeka Meredith
Paihia - Aotearoa New Zealand

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