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Are you struggling to work out the right price to sell your art at?

Or worried that if you put your prices up your work won't sell?

Shift FROM Hesitant & Under-Priced TO Confident & Well-Priced


Discover the secrets to pricing that will sky rocket your confidence! so you can sell your art for what it's worth without feeling anxious or unsure.

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When you know how to price your art appropriately it's so much easier to sell your work and create an income stream

  • Become a selling artist who is comfortable pricing their work
  • Discover the ONE Thing you need to do so that people start paying you what your art is worth

  • Know exactly what to say when a friend, work colleague or acquaintance admires your work and asks "How much do you want for that piece?"

  • Use our Smart & Simple Pricing Framework so you stop pricing your art by picking random figures out of mid-air that don't reflect your worth

  • Understand what people are willing to pay for (and why) so you can charge more for what you create
  • So much more!

An Eye-Opening Three-Part Training To Help You Understand Pricing, and How To Sell Your Art For What It's Worth with an Easy To Follow Pricing Framework

Over 3 easy-to-follow One Hour LIVE Training Sessions we'll:

  • Uncover what's really holding you back, how to overcome your own pricing objections, and HOW to price your art so that you can sell it for what it's worth

  • Discover how to price your art so you attract higher-paying clients

  • Finally, gain the confidence you crave to put your art out there with a price you and your clients will be happy with (think about it: if you don’t feel comfortable with the price of your work ... how will ever you feel comfortable putting it out there to sell?)

  • Learn how to actually PRICE your art  consistently well (instead of picking some random figure out of the air) and how most are going about it completely backwards

  • Know how to price your art appropriately 



A flood of Aha! moments are heading your way in the Mind-expanding training of Lillian's Master Your Pricing LIVE Experience that will sky-rocket your confidence! and have you making the shift from hesitating because you feel anxious and unsure about pricing to feeling comfortable and confident about pricing what you've created to sell.


The Aha! moments continue in this LIVE & Interactive online Workshop to help you price your work using Lillian's Smart & Simple Pricing Framework that brings 'the art and the science' of pricing together in one easy-to-follow approach.


In this Live Training, you'll discover the actions to take each time you price your work that will help you find the sweet spot of pricing so that, both you and your potential clients feel comfortable with your price.


What people are saying . . .

"I'm putting my prices up!"

Kathrine Jones, Tamaki Makaurau

"Thank you for such an awesome class!"

Paehoro Konui, Turangi

"So many AHA! moments"

Charlotte Hudson, Manurewa

About Your Business Coach

Lillian Hetet Owen will be your guide through this training

As the owner and founder of the Hetet Gallery at Waiwhetu (2000-2014) and the creator and co-owner of Koha Gifts NZ Made only stores in Wellington (2000-2009), Lillian has extensive hands-on business experience pricing and selling Art.

Since 2015, Lillian has been working behind the scenes of the and has a wealth of tech and online business know-how.

With more than 40 years experience in small business, a degree in psychology and education, and over a decade facilitating training -  Lillian has created this practical, empowering training series especially for artists.

Pictured: Lillian at Te Papa National Museum, receiving the Open Source Special Award 2018


Hetet Gift Store 

LIllian Hetet Owen pictured in the gift store she founded, adjacent to the Hetet Studios and Gallery at the whānau complex in Waiwhetu (2000 - 2014) 

Koha Gifts Store

Koha Gifts store in Westfield Queensgate, Lower Hutt (2003-2008) that Lillian co-founded and created.

Koha Gifts Store

The second gallery gift store co-founded and created by Lillian in North City Shopping Centre Porirua (2005-2008)

If you're serious about creating an income from your ART then knowing how to Price it Appropriately is KEY

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