The Matrix for Raranga


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'The Matrix' - Lesson By Lesson

Weave Kono

Lesson 1 of The Matrix

A Simple 4 Corner Basket

12 weeks access


*Suitable for beginners

Start Kono

Weave Konae

Lesson 2 of The Matrix

A Simple 2 Corner Basket

12 weeks access


* First complete Kono class

Start Konae

Weave Kono Roa

Lesson 3 of The Matrix

A Simple Oblong Basket

12 weeks access


* First complete Konae class 

Start Kono Roa

Tapiki 1 and 2

Lesson 4 of The Matrix

Two different finishes

12 weeks access


*First complete Kono Roa class

Start Tapiki


'The Matrix' - Lesson by Lesson

Weave Kete Whiri

Lesson 5 of The Matrix

20 weeks access

*First complete Lessons 1-4


Start Kete Whiri Class

Weave Kete Whiri Rua

Lesson 6 of The Matrix

20 weeks access

*First complete Kete Whiri


Start Whiri Rua Class

Weave Kete Timata

Lesson 7 of The Matrix

20 weeks access

*First complete Kete Whiri Rua


Start Kete Timata Class

Splitting Whenu

Lesson 8 of The Matrix

12 weeks access

*First complete Kete Timata


Start Split Whenu Class

Boiling and Dyeing

Boil and dye harakeke for weaving so that you can introduce colour into your kete.

This class covers the use of chemical dyes. Further information about traditional, natural dyes can be found in the book: Māori Weaving with Erenora Puketapu-Hetet - available in our online store.

12 weeks access


Start Boil & Dye Class


'The Matrix' - Lesson By Lesson


The first of six pan-tribal patterns

Weave Whakapuare

20 weeks access

*First Kete Timata


Start Whakapuare

Taki Rua

The second of six pan-tribal patterns

Weave Taki Rua

20 weeks access

*First Kete Timata


Start Taki Rua

Niho Taniwha

The third of six pan-tribal patterns -

Weave Niho Taniwha

20 weeks access

*First Kete Timata


Start Niho Taniwha


The fourth of six pan-tribal patterns

Weave Whakatū

20 weeks access

*First Kete Timata


Start Whakatū

Rau Kumara

The fifth of six pan-tribal patterns

Weave Rau Kumara

20 weeks access


Start Rau Kumara

Waahi Rua

The sixth in the series of pan-tribal patterns

Weave Waahi Rua

20 weeks access


Start Waahi Rua

Make Muka Handles

The basics to make muka suitable for handles for kete.

Muka for kākahu (such as cloaks) is covered in our Korowai course.

12 weeks access


Start Muka Handles

Become a Confident Raranga Weaver

As a member of THE KETE CLUB


Enrolment in this course for NZ based students is currently closed while we work on a new initiative for NZ residents.
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