The Art of Pricing

Jul 07, 2017

This is a question that most artists, artisans and craftspeople struggle with.

Our family has grappled with this question for decades and come up with an approach that seems to work.

As a former owner of several gift shops and a gallery for more than a decade, I have my own inside know-how about pricing that I'd like to share.

But before I get to that, let me ask you: how do you price your artwork? your carving, weaving, painting, tā moko, jewellery or whatever it is you are making?

Is it an ad hoc affair:

A cousin wants a patu to give to his son turning 21. You pluck a figure out of thin air - one that's less than you'd really like but one that you think your cousin can afford (and won't criticise you for). You end up just covering your costs.

A friend admires a kete you've finished and asks "how much?" You give it to her.
Someone tells you that you'd sell heaps of your stuff at the market so you book a stall, get up with the birds, set up, sit down, wait . . . maybe...

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