What To Say To Your Harshest Weaving Critic

Jul 24, 2019


It is very hard to look at a piece you have woven and see it for what it is.

It is so common for weavers, of all abilities, to be critical of their work. So often we look at our weaving and see only what we deem to be faults. It’s too crooked, there’s a mistake in that ara, the weaving is not tight enough, the weaving is too tight, the tension is out, the colour is wrong, the size is out of proportion…. the list of faults goes on.

This can be very helpful in that it may urge you on to weave tighter or to adjust your tension or to be more mindful of the preparation of materials. It can also be very harmful in that it can crush your confidence in yourself and in your hands.

It is very important to find a balance in your self critiquing of your weaving. It is very important to always remember that weaving is a series of lessons that will continue to teach you for as long as you are weaving.

The next time you hear that critical voice inside your head I would...

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