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STUDENT SHOWCASE No.6 / Penney Cameron

student showcase Aug 19, 2021

Meet Penney Cameron 

Penney started weaving when she joined HSOMA 5 years ago and now serves as a kaimanaaki helping to support and encourage students of the Hetet School of Māori Art. 

In this interview, Penney tells her story of growing a Pā Harakeke from scratch and the treasured plants that she was eventually forced to move from her property. What Penney did next will amaze you.

Penney also generously shares her own recommendations for flax varieties that she has grown; their use; and suitability for Raranga and Kākahu. 

Lillian Hetet-Owen talked with Penney from her home in the Waikato.


Interview questions:

00:00   Where did your weaving journey start?

01:04   What was the biggest challenge for you back then?

04:48   In what ways does your husband support your weaving?

05:49   How did you start your pa harakeke?

08:18   Do you have a preference for a particular harakeke?

10:41  What happened to your pa harakeke?

14:12   How has weaving changed your life?

16:56    How did you feel when you finished your korowai?

19:53    Do you have any words of wisdom for new weavers?


 Pictured: Kete Whakairo woven by Penney Cameron