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DOCUMENTARY / It's In The Genes Girls

artist interviews erenora puketapu - hetet film & tv maori weaving veranoa hetet Jan 31, 2019
Erenora, Daughter Veranoa & Granddaughter Ellie

In this 1993 documentary for TV One, director Aileen O'Sullivan turns the camera on three sets of mother/daughter artists, and asks whether art is in the genes. Interviewing each other about their creative lives are actor Kate Harcourt and actor/acting teacher Miranda Harcourt; weaver Erenora Puketapu-Hetet and weaver/painter Veranoa Hetet (née Hauwaho); and painter Jacqueline Fahey and performer/sculptor Augusta McDonald. Frank yet loving discussions abound, like when Hetet tells her mother "sometimes you come up with silly things".