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KО̄RERO / 7 Tips To Help You Find Time For Weaving

maori weaving Aug 14, 2018

"I desperately want to get to my weaving but I feel like there's no time!"

Is not being able to find time to weave getting you down?

Break the weaving drought with these 7 top tips:

#1  Make a Date with Your Weaving

There are only 24 hours in a day. No more. No less. Scheduling time can make it possible to find more time to weave. Try to be realistic. 
Decide on a day or night that you will make your 'date with weaving' time. Treat it like a date - make sure the kids are taken care of, make a special space in your home for that weaving time, get yourself and everything ready. Turn up for your date. No rain checks or brush-offs.

#2  Start with a small project

Being over-ambitious can sometimes be counter-productive but if you start with something small, that can be achieved in a short space of time, it can swing you into action knowing that you can get your weaving project done.

#3  Try not attempting too many tasks at once - like gathering, preparing and weaving all in one day. Take little blocks of time for smaller tasks: the first day sneak in some gathering (weather permitting), the next day sneak in some prep.

#4 Gather just the right amount of harakeke rather than too much that you feel completely overwhelmed by the thought of prepping it. First snatch a few minutes in the day to gather just a few leaves - enough to weave something small (like a kono or a konae with a flap) and just a few extra for Tip #5.

#5 Have ready prepared whenu in your freezer - so you can whip it out at the drop of a hat, defrost and weave your small project.

#6 Have some Taaniko on the go
Taaniko is one of the easiest, most portable types of weaving you can do - when you're sitting in front of tv or waiting for kids at the school gate - there's always 10 minutes of time you can snatch for taaniko. 

#7 Time Chunk

We've saved our TOP TIME-SAVING TIP til last: time-chunking is one of THE BEST ways to find time to weave.

Split your day up into 30 minute and 1 hour blocks. Set the alarm clock and go hard for that 30 minutes or 1 hour on just ONE thing. As soon as the alarm rings - move on to the next scheduled task. 

You can start by making the 30 minutes, in between, your weaving time and intersperse with an hour of housework, study, or whatever else you have on the go. If you're out at work or study all week then try this technique on the weekends. You'll be surprised at how much you can achieve and how much time you will 'find' for your weaving.

This strategy works particularly well if you have a piece that you need to get finished by a certain date. 

Finally - take action! There is nothing more certain for making time to weave than actually taking action on that idea. So, choose one of the above and go do it.