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Here's What You'll Learn In This Course

How To Harvest Flax For Weaving

Gather the leaves in a way that will both look after the plant AND give you the best weaving.

How To Prepare Flax For Weaving

Know the most efficient way to prepare whenu (weaving strips) so they are easy to weave with.

How To Hāpine

How to soften the leaves so they're easier to weave with and your finished item looks good.

How To Weave Whiri Mekameka

Weave something simple from harakeke (NZ Flax) - or from firm paper or soft plastic strips (if you don't have access to flax leaves).


How To Make a Simple Flax Flower

Weaving Tools

The basics and the nice-to-haves.

You'll also learn basic Tikanga - cultural values and practises associated with Māori Weaving

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